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The Coronavirus: How to protect yourself

Nowadays, it is commenly agreed upon via each and everybody living in this planet that the ‘’new disaster’’ which is the Coronavirus threatens each one’s life

 As a matter of fact, one could not deny that staying alive will be a daily struggle

This fast moving calamity started exactly from Wuhan in China to search for new horizons, spread to more than 55 countries and infect thousands of human beings

So far, this inevitable and excruciating ordeal has claimed almost three thousands lives

These are some simple ways in order to avoid being infected by the Coronavirus

First of all, wash your hands frequently using water and soap

Second, it is much better to maintain social distancing at least one metre distance between yourself and anyone who is sneezing or coughing

Moreover, one could practise respiratory hygiene by covering his mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue especially when sneezing and coughing.

Besides, if one has fever, cough and hardships of breathing, looking for medical care is of paramount significance or rather unescapable obligation.

More than that, if you don’t feel at ease or unwell, even with mild symptoms for instance ; headach and slight runny nose, keep away from people around you (family and friends) till you recover

At last, stay informed and follow the pieces of advice provided by your healthcare

This article is written by OMAR SERHANI

Thanks for reading

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